Books By Trent


At This Moment.jpg

At This Moment 2005

In Trent’s 2005 debut novel we meet Maverick Williams a smart, but emotionally complex young, black, gay man trying to find the balance of life. On his daily quest of learning to accept and understand himself, readers are drawn in to his raw, narrative commentary on life as he confronts many of his problematic relationships. Maverick’s opinions on dating, friendship, family life and what it’s really like to be black and gay frame the book as readers quickly experience Maverick's life come to a grinding halt, while he attempts to pursue his dreams.

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Full Circle 2007

In 2007‘s sequel to “At This Moment” the rule: What goes around comes around, frames the book. The protagonist, Maverick Williams is no exception to this karmic loop. In a feeble suicide attempt, Maverick unintentionally discovers why he allows himself to be entrapped in vicious negative cycles. People in his life seem more like delusional characters in a Prime-time movie than the faithful confidantes he once thought they were. Once he experiences continual personal letdowns and recognizes the cycle of hurt, malice and deceit, he is on a personal mission to be released from his private hell. Readers will suspensefully question whether Maverick will allow his past family tragedy, failed relationships, insecurity or newfound love distract him from his own happiness. Or will he find all the right things at the wrong time to further push his unstable nature into oblivion? To find out we must all come Full Circle.